Pierre Jarriges


An experimental chemistry of harmony and rhythm strongly marked by a flamenco heritage, but also impregnated with various influences, composers from the Baroque to today, so many musical molecules shaken together to form a renewed material.


Main guitare flamenca

    Jose-Luis Balao

    Jose-Luis Balao, a prolific master guitarist and composer from Jerez de la Frontera born in 1938.

    As a former student of Balao and passionate about his work, I propose a dive into the poetic and colourful universe of my master, which oscillates between his Andalusian roots and an unbridled sense of guitaristic exploration.

    José-Luis Balao - Compositions flamenco

    El maestro José Luis Balao

      La Théorie des Six Cordes

      La théorie des six cordes is a collection of compositions for beginners in classical guitar. Published by Soldano.

      The idea is to be able to offer content that is accessible from the very first steps and that is both musically stimulating and genuinely designed for the guitar.